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Ms. Robles is originally from the Bay Area in California and received several college degrees while traveling around the country playing sports on a Division 1 College Athletic Scholarship over the course of 6 years of accelerated, collegiate education.

She started at the University of California at Berkeley, then attended Texas Tech University, and completed her studies in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah. Her areas of study included social work, psychology, women's studies, gender studies, American studies, family studies, sociology, and human development.

Besides athletics as a hobby, she loves spending time with her family and her 3 dog children :)


During the first years of Kristi's career, she worked at the head of the women's programming at one of the most prestigious and well known residential treatment programs in the world, Cirque Lodge. Since then, she has worked for several years as a Clinical Director and Psychiatric Patient Specialist at an Intensive Outpatient Program, called Pathways, and has since opened up her private practice with locations in both Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

Ms. Robles currently owns the company Utah Mental Health, and provides treatment for people all over the state. Kristi also works in conjunction with a medical psychiatric specialist when her clients desire medication management. 

In addition to her private practice, her newest ventures have included making professional appearances, therapeutic segments, and educational contributions to treatment programs and family law firms for their online audiences, made available and viewable on a national level.




"Compassion is the heart of my work. I provide therapy that is non-religious affiliated, client-guided and free from guilt & shame. I have years of not only working in a professional capacity, but also, years of my own personal experiences, that allow me to understand the struggles my clients cope with & survive through. I want everyone I work with to feel free from the mental & emotional burdens that hold them back. I provide a "judge free" environment where my clients can be themselves.

I have extensive experience working with all kinds of clients, but each client is one I try & understand on an individual level. I don't have any cookie-cutter answers, and therefore, I believe in going with what works for that person at that time."

Kristi Robles MSW, LCSW

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